Looking For An Example Of Visual Arts Extended Essay

An extended essay is one of the most important works in a student’s life. It has to be larger than a usual essay, approximately 4000 words. This isn’t the work most students are familiar with, that’s why the best way to learn about it would be looking at the examples connected to the topic of visual arts.

Where to Look for Extended Essay Examples

  • School catalogue.
  • Most extended essays get catalogued by your educational establishment and you have the right to ask for copies of examples anytime you need. For this, contact your librarian or teacher, tell them the topic you’re interested in and ask for further guidance.

  • The Internet.
  • If the examples on the topic of visual arts aren’t available or the information given there isn’t sufficient, look for samples online. The Web is a huge worldwide library with tons of samples on any possible topic.

  • Which Way Is Better?
  • To be on the safe side you might use both. By looking at the extended essays of your school’s students, you’ll learn how such works are marked in this particular educational establishment, since most of the works go with teachers’ comments. But if your first priority is the variety of examples, searching online would be more profitable. You also have the option of getting professional help if you have troubles with writing the work.

    By searching online:

  • You will be able to differentiate a good work from an outstanding or poor one. As many examples go with teachers’ comments, you will see what you shouldn’t do while working on your EE.
  • You will find a great variety of topics you might not have at your school. You may get an unusual topic you’re interested in and write your work according to the example given.
  • You will learn how writers keep up with logical development of the work. It’s a 4000-word piece of writing going along with a serious research, so it may be hard to follow the logic.
  • You will know what is required for you to get an excellent grade for your work. Using transitions, structuring the writing, etc. will be visible in the example you choose to look through.
  • Even though this type of work is very important and individual, you still can find great examples at your school or online and get essay writing help with your own work. By combining all points, including online help, you’ll definitely complete the assignment successfully.

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