How To Select A Topic For A School Essay On Police: 13 Ideas

The rules for selecting any topic for a school essay are always the same. If you have a passionate interest in a particular topic or a great deal of knowledge about that topic or, best of all, both of these things, then you are in the box seat as far as writing a successful essay is concerned. If you believe in the topic you have chosen or if it is something you would like to study in greater detail, then again you're well on the way to being successful.

So if you are given a school essay topic which is to deal with the police, then you should be looking for the type of topic which appeals to you. Remember that the topic of the police is extremely varied. It could include looking at the work done by the police, the police officers themselves, their training, career opportunities as well as the role of the police in the criminal justice system. To be truly successful in your writing you need to think of a topic or discover a topic regarding the police which has a particular interest for you.

Here is a selection of school essay topics on the police all of which can be found on the web. Read them through and see if one or more as a particular appeal for you. Maybe there is a topic here which you could tweak a little to make it even more appealing.

  1. How difficult is it to be accepted into the police service?

  2. What are the challenges of being a police officer?

  3. How important is it for the police to avoid abusing their power?

  4. I spent a day observing in a police station.

  5. What are the similarities between police forces in different countries?

  6. Why as some police officers involved in corrupt activities?

  7. What type of training is involved when first joining the police force?

  8. What are some of the most difficult parts of the work carried out by the police?

  9. How important is gaining Corporation from the public for the police?

  10. And to all prisoners have human rights when arrested and taken to a police station?

  11. How does promotion work within the police service?

  12. The differences between the work done by uniformed and plain clothes police.

  13. How has science changed the work done by police today?

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