A List Of Challenging Persuasive Essay Topics For College Students

Compositions, contrary to popular belief, are not always something that dampens a college student’s weekend plans. The right essay topic can prove to be quite an interesting brain-teaser and can significantly exercise one’s logic and reasoning abilities, simultaneously, engaging him or her in a rather engaging battle of wits. The right choice of topic can prove to be just the window of opportunity that a student needs to showcase his knowledge.

Theological and philosophical discussions

A college-goer is at that exact age when one’s thinking and reasoning abilities surpass the conventional. Engaging students in topics such as these that have a universal appeal among college students is a sure shot way of making assignments interesting and encouraging the students to let their creative juices flow. The modern day relevance of religion, the changing image of God, and expansion of the occult are excellent examples of argumentative topics.

Morality of international politics

The subject of International relations has become a frequently discussed topic among the youth these days and rightly so, with international alliances and world politics undergoing a significant amount of important changes. Some noteworthy essays regarding this topic are:

  • U.S unilateralism and its impact on world politics

  • How is the United Nations different from its predecessor, League of Nations?

  • Non-alignment: The devil in disguise?

  • Relevance of sports in cementing international bonds

  • U.S hegemony over the Middle East: A necessary evil or a shadow of Bush’s legacy?

  • Media’s influence on international politics

  • Brexit

  • Is the Cold War really over?

Incorporating pop culture

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get a college student hooked on to his assignment is if it has anything to do with pop culture, be it anime, comic books, famous celebrities or story books. From the legacy of Harry Potter to the rising popularity of Japanese culture via anime and manga series, from Korean pop music to the rise of electronic music in the United States, everything and anything can become the subject matter of a college level composition.

Discussing science and technology

At an age, where every aspect of human life is controlled and comforted by technology, especially the Internet, the question of rapid scientific advancement and whether it is a boon or a bane to human society, has come to the limelight, yet again. College students must have a firm stance on this matter and compositions are a sure-fire way to encourage them to indulge in a thorough research on this topic.

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