Four Basic Components Of A High School Opinion Essay

An opinion essay is a form of a formal essay where the writer grabs the opportunity to express his or her personal viewpoint and opinion on a topic. This is quite useful in shaping the minds of high school kids as it helps them to explore their minds and their world around them. Young minds are also best to express their ideas on controversial topics and write essays on them. Teachers should help children to express their ideas and thoughts carefully and these essays could be short or lengthy depending on the range of ideas of kids. There are specific components of an opinion essay and these are,


Making a claim is the way of saying that the writer of the essay is stating his main point. In a formal essay paper claims could get translated as opinions. A claim tells the reader whether what the writer thinks about the topic is true or not, based on their own knowledge and research. It is also important that student’s state substantiate opinions to support their claim to impress their readers.


Note that there are always two sides of all arguments, the counter claim is always the opposite of a claim, these counterclaims are also supportable and provable through evidence and reasons. While planning for an argument in an opinion essay, one has to plan for the counterclaim as well, so that in the essay they could disprove this counter claim through reasons and evidence.


A reason would tell why, reason makes the reader of the essay, the importance of both the claim and the argument. These reasons should be original, supporting and interesting to read as well.


Evidence helps support reasons and it is important for these to get thoroughly and thoughtfully prepared. Evidence appeals to the reader the credibility of the essay and is important parts to help readers trust the contents of the essay.

Opinion essays are more of natural papers where the reader is honest and opinionated according to their mind. An important difference between an opinion essay and normal ones is that the reader needs to know clearly where they stand on the topic whereas in normal essays it is okay to switch between two sides of the topic to give a strong reasoning for these two sides. An important aspect that strengthens an opinion essay is the countering opinions, which alone validates it.

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