A Collection Of Amazing Argumentative Essay Topics For High School

Learning is a series of stages trough which one is expected to go. At every stage of academia, students are therefore required to give their best shot at certain issues with the main one being academic writing. There is no way you can be promoted to the next academic level if your writing skills fall below par and it is on this premise that learners are encouraged to take writing skills seriously. Each and every stage as one advance to high academic levels constitutes various writing activities and one of them is creating essay topics or in other words, writing prompts. Well, coming up with good topics always depends on one’s ability to understand a number of issues in life and particular those which happen day in and day out. When creating topics, you must also take into account the need for most current topic that at the end of the day, when written on, would elicit interest from prospective readers.

Essay writing is one of the most long standing academic activities and it comes in many forms. For example, there is argumentative writing which tests the students’ skills of presenting opposing views about a single matter. When doing an argumentative writing, students are supposed to be open-minded and present their ideas in a scholarly manner. Well, it is always getting the facts right from the onset so that at the end of the day, you have a meaningful paper to present. To get you started the right way in your next argumentative writing, this post takes you through some amazing topics ideal for high school students, so read further for some great details.

  • Is there a weakness in law enforcement authorities that is to be blamed for increasing cases of mass shootings in the United States? Discuss with examples

  • Should uniform be abolished among high school goers? Discuss this with solid examples

  • Should marijuana be legalized in the United States and not only in instances of medical practices like surgery? Give your views with examples

  • Developed countries are to blame for global warming. Discuss this with examples

  • Labor importation is to be blame for increasing cases of joblessness in America. Discuss giving your views

  • Discuss the relationship between terrorism and religion. Give your justifications for each and every point

  • Global warming is a bigger threat to humanity than terrorism. Discuss

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