How To Create An Essay Hook- Basic Instructions

What is your main goal when you write an essay? You want to make your colleagues agree with your opinion? You want to satisfy your teacher and get some high marks? Or maybe you just want to share your talent with the rest of the world? Well, no matter what you want to obtain with this composition, your first thought should be how to create an amazing essay hook. In this way you will convince the others to read your composition and find out more about your ideas.

  • The essay hook should always be right at the beginning of the composition. It has to be the first thing that others will read and the most important element for you. Of course, it matters so much what kind of information you use in the body of your text, but how can a reader get there if he is bored after the first few lines?

  • Make it simple and clear. Let’s say that you want to read a composition but you find unknown terms from the very beginning. Will you spend time searching for definitions? Of course not. You will just give up and search for something else that is more interesting and more clear. The words that you use need to be common and related to the subject.

  • It needs to be completely relevant to the subject. You can easily attract some readers by letting them think that you wrote about a controversial, exciting subject. However, they will not read more than a few paragraphs because they will realize soon enough that the composition is not what they thought it will be. You can write a few words about how important the subject is and why people should know more about it.

  • It should be mysterious, exciting and catchy. This is vital so you can attract more readers and convince them that your composition is worth their time. You can tell them that you took an interview from a famous person in the niche, but not reveal the name. They will be curious and they will be eager to read the rest of the text. This kind of techniques will make them want to continue reading, so be original and innovative. Never reveal key elements from the beginning, otherwise the rest of the composition will be plain and boring.
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