15 Funny Cause And Effect Essay Topics You've Never Heard Before

There are some situations that are outright funny, and there is not much that we can do about that. You can either choose to enjoy the fun in it, or write about it. For sure even the one person that you know who never seems to notice a light moment, or those people who live as if they do not have any funny bone in them, or the slightest sense of humor, all always seem to break at some point and sneak in a smile at least.

Towards this end, it is important that you try and come up with some interesting, funny titles that you might have come across, but never heart about in a cause and effect paper before. The following are some good ideas to get you going:

  1. Discuss any embarrassing accident that was hilarious

  2. Discuss how the use of a word in the wrong context can alter the meaning of a statement

  3. Explain a situation where one action led to an interesting chain of events

  4. Discuss a situation where something you disregarded and discredited, actually came back to haunt you

  5. Discuss a situation where you reached into your bag/purse in public, and pulled out something that should not have been there in the first place

  6. Explain a situation where you associated with the wrong person, for a good reason

  7. Discuss psychology from the perspective of Family Guy

  8. Discuss some games we take for granted, which actually show us the true picture of our lives

  9. Explain the connection between politics, fools and money

  10. Explain how a hangover almost ruined a wedding

  11. Discuss the difference between what you see in a cloth store advert, and the real experience

  12. Discuss some funny ways that pets use to show they love their owner

  13. Explain a situation where you tried using logic on a 2 year old

  14. Explain, citing relevant examples, how TV is eroding the intelligence of a lot of people

  15. Discuss the difference between most men and women shopping for their kids, and how this often turns out when they get back home

The concept behind these topics is that you simply need to be creative and you will manage to get the chance to drive the point home, and score awesome marks while you are at it.

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