15 Exemplification Essay Topic Ideas That Will Boost Your Creativity

An exemplification essay is simply the type of paper where you give concrete examples to support or prove a generalization. The examples you use in your assignment should be able to explain, support, argue, or take a stance to prove your generalization in the papers. When writing such a paper you should keep in mind that the examples and data you use in your paper should add value to your paper. They help in adding validity and authenticity to your paper. A strong example is the one that helps you create a strong case for your stance.

The major concern for most of the students is to find relevant examples to prove their point in the paper. It is essential that you pick the subject area and topic carefully because your examples should be able to complement your topic. Before you finalize the title of your essay, you should check if there is enough relevant material available to prove this in your paper. The thesis statement and title both indicate the overall direction and purpose of your paper. You have to make sure that you gather enough evidence to prove your ideas.

Creative ideas are the ones that are based on your original thinking and do not contain copied materials. When you are in school, you receive several academic tasks that require you to use your creative writing and thinking abilities. This is because the teachers want to polish your skills and prepare your thought process for the future grades and practical life. It is important for an exemplification essay that you choose a subject area that you are passionate about. When you write about what you love, it is easy to think of new ideas and ways and find data from various sources. You can use real life examples and historical events to support your stance and you can easily think of them because you have an interest in the subject

Here are some topics for an exemplification essay that will enhance your creativity

  1. Not everyone is a leader

  2. Leadership is innate

  3. Love is eternal

  4. Racism is the worst stereotype

  5. Gender discrimination creates hurdles

  6. Religion and oppression

  7. Extremism and religion

  8. Parenting

  9. Online writing agencies

  10. Digital marketing

  11. Technology and culture

  12. Language barriers in politics

  13. Social media networks and self-praise

  14. Societal marketing for businesses

  15. Myths and legends

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