List Of 10 Discursive Essay Topics About World War II

When you are asked to create a discursive essay, you will need to be extremely objective about your subject. You should try to balance out your facts and be more neutral about your topic. Make sure you back both sides of your discussion with facts and give each side equal time. Another thing you should think about when you are creating a discursive essay is that you want to be impartial and impersonal. Try to keep your emotion out of the essay and be informative and unbiased. When you are creating a discursive essay, try to follow this format:

  • You should have an introduction like any other essay

  • Then use paragraphs to separate each individual issue. Make sure your paragraphs have strong topic sentences just like any other essay and follow up those topic sentences with facts to support them.

  • One major difference with this type of essay is to rotate sides of your discussion so you aren’t putting all of one side first and then the other side second. Another way to explain this would be to rotate your discussions to show impartiality.

  • The end of your essay can include your opinion on the subject but it should be subtle and not the main point of the essay. Try to allow the reader to use your information to make their own judgement.

Figuring out a topic of this extremely broad subject is sometimes difficult. It is usually the most difficult part of the essay because your topic may be too narrow and there isn’t enough information to write an informative essay or it may be too broad and you can’t really have a good discussion because there is too much material. Here are 10 discursive essay topics about World War II that you may want to use:

  1. How was the Pearl Harbor attack by the Japanese so successful?

  2. What was the American reaction to the attack on Pearl Harbor?

  3. How did the atomic bombing of Japan change the way war was fought?

  4. What was the purpose of the Holocaust in the eyes of Hitler?

  5. How important was the invasion of Normandy on the war?

  6. How did the totalitarian ruler Joseph Stalin affect the war?

  7. How did rationing during the war in the United States change everyday life?

  8. What did the concentration camps accomplish during WWII?

  9. How did the weapons get better as WWII progressed?

  10. What were the goals of Adolf Hitler during WWII?
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