25 Unique Narrative Essay Writing Prompts For High School

Are you looking for narrative essay writing prompts for your upcoming high school assignment? In this article, we suggest 25 interesting headlines for this task. Check it out!

  • What is going on a tailor-made one-week safari in Africa like?

  • The most memorable event you have attended in your life.

  • Describe a visit to Disney World: what was the experience like?

  • The most amazing date you have / wish at this moment.

  • Something completely unexpected that has happened to you.

  • A very strange day at high school which ended up better than expected.

  • The most embarrassing misunderstanding in your life: what happened?

  • A dangerous experience which show you that your parents worry about you.

  • The most unexpected act of heroism you have had in your life.

  • The non-arguably most rebellious act in your life as a teenager.

  • Have you ever lived a traffic accident? Describe the experience for your audience.

  • That day when everything went right / wrong all of a sudden in a way you cannot explain.

  • Have you ever been lost in a supermarket? Describe this shocking experience to the readers.

  • An experience that showed you how fragile human life is: a brush with death.

  • Describe the experience of being abroad for the first time in your life.

  • What was meeting a famous person in real life like without expecting it?

  • The most ridiculous action that someone has done in front of you.

  • The best jokes that teachers have told you in classroom which were quite funny.

  • Describe the most frightening experience in your life.

  • Something that has helped you change your perspective about life recently.

  • The best date you have had in your life and why was it so amazing.

  • A memorable event which you will most likely never forget.

  • Describe the breakup of a friendship from your point of view.

  • Why should be more careful about the information that we share online?

  • How can we make a better use of the possibilities which the Internet offer us.

By using one of these above-mentioned prompts, you will surely create a fascinating narrative essay of your own. Now, you just need to use your creativity in order to come up with a hooking story about yourself.

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