22 Great Persuasive Essay Topics That Can Make For A Good Grade

Writing a persuasive essay can be tricky if you do not have a great topic. You should select a prompt that will allow you to state your personal opinion and develop evidence to support it effectively. The purpose of your writing is to persuade the readers that your point of view is valid. It is recommended that you select your topic with what you have to do next in mind. The following guidelines will help you compose your paper on a great topic.

How to Create a Persuasive Paper: Simple Advice

Before you start selecting your essay topic, you should understand what makes your writing persuasive. There are four critical elements of effective persuasion. They are knowing your audience, choosing a side and defending it to the end, explaining the perspective benefits for the reader if he or she agrees with your argument, and expressing what you want your reader to do next.

So, you should ensure that a chosen topic allows you to develop the aforementioned elements of persuasion using logical reasoning, empathy, and an authoritative appeal.

What Topics to Consider to Impress Your Professor

These 22 topics are designed to help you write a strong persuasive essay, impress your instructor, and get a high grade:

  1. Do social media create isolation?

  2. Should college students have a pass/fail grading system?

  3. Can people function without their smartphones and tablets?

  4. Should gadgets be permitted in a classroom?

  5. Does it make sense to start classes early?

  6. Should students be taught parenting classes at school?

  7. Should the minimum retirement age be increased?

  8. Should students learn to keyboard instead of handwriting in elementary school?

  9. Does mandatory vaccination violate individual’s rights?

  10. Should people be forbidden to keep exotic animals at home?

  11. Should flexible working hours be allowed in the offices?

  12. Can public transportation help reduce traffic in big cities?

  13. Is professional sports activity dangerous for sportsmen’s health?

  14. Should only adults be able to get permanent tattoos?

  15. Should nuclear power be banned?

  16. Is solar power the right answer to the energy crisis?

  17. Should high school education be free of charge for everyone?

  18. Should students choose e-books instead of traditional books?

  19. Are newspapers still important in people’s daily lives?

  20. Should organ donation after death be mandatory?

  21. Do people need a plan B if the Internet crashes for some reason?

  22. Should couples be encouraged to live together before marriage?
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