Inventing Solid Argumentative Essay Topics For 4th Grade Students

An argumentative essay is the type of paper that requires the writer to take a stance and support it throughout the paper with logical reasoning and strong facts to be able to persuade the audience of your ideas. The important thing to remember here is that you have to stay objective while writing such assignments and avoid any biasness. Even if you have a personal experience or opinion, you need to make sure it is supported by strong evidence and supporting materials. Your audience will not be convinced of something based on your ideas. They want to see logical reasoning and facts to be able to believe in something.

If you are in 4th grade, you do not have much experience in writing such papers. You can consider this type of paper as a speech where you argue with the audience to persuade them of your ideas. Even if you are to convince your parents to let you go on a vacation or join a club, you will have to use concrete examples and facts. You cannot simply tell them to listen to you because you think so. This is the similar situation where you take a stance for the given subject and convince your readers that you are right. You may also have to refute the opposing theories in order to prove your ideas are the best stance.

You would have to perform research and gather data carefully in order to create a strong paper. It is better to write about something you are passionate about so that you have more to say and more to relate with when writing the assignment. The topic of your assignment is critical in hooking your audience and asking them to believe your ideas. If you are not sure how to pick a strong topic for your paper, you should consider the following prompts.

Topics to consider for argumentative essay in fourth grade

To be able to choose a winning topic for your assignment, you would have to brainstorm for fresh ideas and eliminate the irrelevant ideas through the elimination process. Consider the prompts given below.

  1. The role of a mother is a stronger than a father in shaping a child’s character

  2. Reading is a better hobby than gardening

  3. Fashion is stronger than culture

  4. Passive smoking and active smoking have different side effects

  5. Air pollution is dangerous to both humans and animals

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