List Of Interesting Biology Essay Topics To Write About

Choosing a biology essay topic to write about can be daunting for some people for various factors. However, doing some homework on a good topic can alleviate some of the stress. A good topic would be one to which you can add value after doing some in-depth research ranging over a term period. However, for ease of writing and references it is highly suggested that you find a topic that is widely written about and that would capture the attention of the reader; in other words, ones that are relevant to the mainstream. Below is a list of interesting biology topics that you may want to consider:

  • Metamorphosis of a beautiful butterfly
  • Human digestive system
  • Darwin’s evolutionary theory
  • Symptoms of some degenerative diseases and its causes
  • The practical applications of stem cell research
  • The relationship between metabolism and body mass
  • The Universal Elements of DNA
  • The type of fuels on which cells depend
  • Functions of the cardiovascular system
  • The extinction of white rhinos
  • The role of human intervention in the extinction of certain species
  • A review of the relationship between organisms and their environment
  • A study of the recurrence of hereditary diseases and its frequency
  • The impact of oil spills in the ecosystem of marine life
  • The symbiotic relationship between birds and animals
  • An analysis of the culmination of cancerous cells in human bodies
  • Albinism and the bodily defects associated with it
  • The occurrence of chemical reactions in cells and its implications
  • Reproductive system and the sweet birth of a new born baby
  • Biomedical research and its contribution to the field of medical science
  • The ethical aspects of stem cell research
  • Ebola: A study of its causes and preventative methods
  • The contribution of kinesiology to physical therapy
  • Kinesiology from a body builder’s point of view
  • Photobiology: The art of the interactions of light
  • Allergies caused by the physical environment
  • Species only found on the Galapagos islands
  • An overview of microorganisms and their function in human bodies
  • Why are birds called vertebrates?
  • How is energy produced in the earth?
  • A study of the symbiotic relationship between human beings and plants
  • What causes heart attacks?
  • The impact of lifestyles on heart attacks
  • Why are mushrooms not green in color?
  • Are carbon emissions caused by human intervention?

The above topics have been well researched and it’s very easy to find articles, books and other literature that have been written after in-depth and thorough analysis. However, studies on some of the topics could be ongoing. You will also find that some topics such as biomedical research have been taken on as Ph.D. dissertation matters for further empirical research.

Having said all these, there’s always ample amount of room to explore the unknowns on any one topic. And if you’re pressed for time, rest assured that there are a lot of freelancers whom you can find online to help you compile the articles written about the subject and save you from the hassle of going about looking for the information.

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