Academic Writing Prompts: The Top Ten Topics For A Cause And Effect Essay

A cause an effect essay is a project you write to provide a visible connection between two situations, phenomena, etc. One of them is a cause and the other is a consequence. Your task is to unfold the entire picture of this connection. Sometimes causes and effects can be connected into a kind of chain reaction. It’s a great idea for a deep and interesting essay that can attract attention of readers.

It’s very important to find a good topic for a profound cause and effect essay. Topics that leave you indifferent cannot turn into an interesting project. That’s why you should give enough attention to the very process of choosing a good topic for your work.

There are specialized resources on the Web. They offer numerous interesting topics for cause and effect essays in many different areas. These topics can be used right away or after a creative transformation.

Below, you can find several interesting topics for cause and effect essays that can be applied to different spheres of life and science.

  1. The effect of radioactive pollution of air, soil and water.
  2. This topic allows speaking about many times when nuclear weapon, power stations and waste became uncontrolled and dangerous for the future existence of humanity.

  3. The effect of human activities on the ocean.
  4. This topic allows speaking about the most remote consequences of human activities on the biosphere of oceans in future.

  5. Causes and effect of the incredible popularity of fast food.
  6. Speak about the health effect that fast food causes on the human body.

  7. Causes and effect of popularity of the Internet with children.
  8. It’s a painful topic for many parents, especially considering the screen violence.

  9. Causes and effect of the growing popularity of sports in the USA.
  10. This positive tendency can also be explained in an interesting way.

  11. The effect of an optimistic mood on the immunity.
  12. There is interesting information about the connection between positive thinking and being healthy.

  13. The effect of bicycles on air pollution.
  14. Speak about how green transport can help solve this problem.

  15. The effect social media has on people’s communication skills.
  16. Virtual communication can have influence on people with communication issues.

  17. The effect of cell phones on people’s life today.
  18. You can speak about both the phone addition and the comfort they bring.

  19. The effect of usage of renewable sources of energy.
  20. Speak about the effect of development of these sources of energy for the humanity and environment.

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