The Easiest Way To Come Up With A Topic For An Expository Essay

The expository essay assignment asks students to investigate and evaluate an idea. Usually, students present an argument on an issue and expounds on the idea based on available evidence. This article doesn’t focus on how to write this kind of assignment, but rather gives you some sample ideas that can help you come up with a great topic for an expository essay of your own:

  1. Describe a situation where two people from two different backgrounds or upbringings and who have different interests or ideals can become unlikely but loyal allies in a particular situation.

  2. Explain the purposes of the world-wide-web and provide several viewpoints which include both people who use the internet frequently and people who use the internet less frequently.

  3. Select a describe a world-class athlete from your favorite sport and provide an explanation as to why you consider this person one of the best in the sport and the one of the best in the world.

  4. Describe one of the current major environmental problems that have caused a lot of debate in government and explain what you think should be done about the issue to resolve it in government or in the real world.

  5. Explain what it’s like to live outdoors to someone who lives in a major city in an apartment. Consider all the differences and similarities and provide an idea of which living arrangement is preferred.

  6. A lot of people like to spend a lot of time with animals (either professionally or personally). Write about some of the relationships that these people might have with animals and the several reasons why they do so.

  7. Describe a family celebration or tradition that holds some special meaning to you. Consider a celebration or tradition that is unlike others’ and is unique to your family and not similar to others of your heritage.

  8. Describe a few events in the life of your favorite celebrity, sports figure, entertainer, author, artist or somebody else. Explain how the chosen events are related or speak to that person’s achievements.

  9. In this fun expository essay assignment, describe the issue of air pollution to someone from another planet. Give details about the problem’s history and the major challenges facing resolution in present time.

  10. If you were asked to create the front yard landscape of a new home, explain the things you would do and how you would go about making it happen.
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