The Format Of Profile Essay – Useful Tips To Keep In Mind

What is a profile essay?

A profile essay is a piece of account where the author narrates a personality, an occurrence, a place or an organization, giving first hand details. A profile essay has to be descriptive in nature- where the author needs to tap on the sensory perceptions of the reader as well as delivering a personal sense to them. But given all these, a profile article must be organized and logical in nature.

Useful tips to format a profile essay-

  • Do a good homework about your subject
  • Even if you know the person or organization, you need to do some in-depth research. If you are writing the article on a living individual, then conduct an interview to notice his/her behavior or appearances. Similarly for an organization, a quick tour around it will provide you with much insight.

  • Start the introduction with a hook
  • Suppose you want to write about your father and how much influence he generated upon you-then you may start the introduction with the name of your father, his appearance including your childhood perception about your father, his professional accomplishments to name a few. But the first line should be interesting enough so that the reader gets excited to go through the rest. Ex- “It took me 20 years to realize that besides being a hardcore sales manager, my father was a poet and dreamer inside.”

  • Decide carefully upon the number of body paragraphs
  • The number of bod paragraphs will invariably depend upon the word-limit. If you are writing a short one within 200-250 words, then 1-2 paragraphs are sufficient to fulfill the purpose. Any more than that, then you should do 3 paragraphs maximum.

  • Each paragraph must dish out separate points
  • Each of the paragraphs must start with a point and will give the supporting evidences throughout the body. If you are trying to tap the poet-and-dreamer inside your father, then the first paragraph next to introduction should show that- how your siblings discovered your father’s hidden poetry copy just recently and you also came to know that your father used to write regularly in school and college magazines. The next paragraph must show proofs in support of his born-dreamer side.

  • End with a positive note
  • Apart from reiterating the high points of the article, you must conclude the article with an affirmative note. You may sum it up with a quotation relating how hidden talents may bloom in late or you can’t judge a person by his profession. You can also include your personal comment or impression about your father.

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