Composing A Strong Problem Solution Essay On Death Penalty

Writing a problem solution essay isn’t that hard if you know where to start. If your teacher has assigned this kind of paper, it must be the way he or she wants you to explore the controversial issue of death penalties. Not every country does this, so make sure you ask if you should be writing about your own country or about a country that does have this law.

Firstly, what is a problem solution essay? Here’s what this kind of homework needs:

  • Accurately describe the issue
  • Persuade the reader that this problem needs a solution
  • >Explain the proposal for the solution
  • Make arguments that this is the best solution
  • Have a rebuttal against objections

Tips on composing strong school assignments

As with any project or research, you should make a plan. Once you have the instructions and format guidelines you need, it’s time to organize the research and create your schedule for the time before the project is due. Writing a problem solution paper is something you’ll be writing throughout your life and education. Since your topic on the death penalty is already chosen, you need to start looking for a solution to this problem. Figure out how you want to explore the answer and what side you’re coming form.

Here are a few examples of problems, how you could present the solutions:

  1. Problem: current rules don’t solve problem. Solution: explore a different way to enforce laws, change punishment for crimes to something more effective

  2. Problem: attitudes are causing problem. Solution: present more information about death penalty and laws to try to change how people will act

  3. Problem: nothing currently existing will solve problem. Solution: build new facilities, jails or rehabilitation centers to encourage better behavior/lifestyle

Those are just a few ideas that can get you started. After you’ve chosen an angle and want to begin, you should make an outline. Organization includes knowing how to interest the reader in the problem you’ve chosen, how to explain the situation, and using research to back it up. You could also include a story from history, an imagined scenario to demonstrate the problem, or an accurate description. Make sure you state your answer to the problem clearly in one sentence at the end of the introduction. Then, the rest of the essay is for arguing your position and solution.

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