5 Reasons Why You Should Stay Away From Utilizing A Free Essay

While free essay samples are easily available on the Web, students use them quite often instead of writing academic research on their own. However, with all the comfort and time-saving opportunities these samples provide, it’s not recommended to use free essays that can be downloaded from the Internet.

Now, let’s see several main reasons why these essays should not be used as they are.

  1. Plagiarism.
  2. Plagiarism is a kind of lies. Deception has never led to anything good, so you should think twice before using another person’s mental property without any reference to the author. In the situation with free essays that can be found on the Web, the matter of plagiarism is obvious. There are computer programs that can detect stolen texts, so submitting such a sample as your own work can end up ruining your reputation completely.

  3. Lack of novelty.
  4. As soon as free papers are available to everyone on the Web, it is quite likely that many students submit the same essay dedicated to the same topic, because they use a free sample from the Internet. Imagine a situation when you come to class and find out that some of your classmates have used the same free sample of the paper dedicated to the same topic, and there is no time to correct anything. Of course, it will be a big failure for everyone.

  5. Lack of creativity.
  6. After all, the assignments that your teachers give you are meant to develop your own creativity and teach you to persuade people about your point of view, describe things, find strong arguments, etc. All this is not meant to overburden you with things that you don’t need; it’s your experience that is gained for your own profit.

  7. Lack of quality.
  8. Free samples that can be found on the Internet are often of a very low quality. If you use them without even working upon the text on your own, you can submit a number of silly mistakes the author of the sample has made. You obviously don’t need such problems, so free samples should not be used without additional procession.

  9. A trap.
  10. One of the most unbelievable but quite possible scenarios is in the fact that the free samples can be used to detect dishonest students. Your teacher can be the author of the text posted on the Web in order to find out which students cheat. Being caught cheating by a teacher who recognizes the text is not what you need.

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