Writing A Good Persuasive Essay About Drugs: Things You Should Know

Both illegal and legal drugs are very present in today’s societies regardless of size, type of government or location. Naturally one can get information on these substances from the people around them if they themselves don’t already possess at least some details on the subject. When writing a paper on such a heavily debated topic one should be aware that there are some important avenues to mention therefore I have outlined some below. Following any or all of these points can aid in creating a successful paper on the substance.

    Start with a definition of drugs.

    Many times it is important, or even stressed heavily by teachers, to define what exactly is the meaning of the issue in discussion in your work. There are some people that assume drugs are only those illegal substances like marijuana and cocaine which also brings a persons health down. A definition of this can also give the reader a better understanding of the scope of your paper.

    Explain with examples the chemical classifications of the product in focus.

    When creating an article to discuss all forms of drugs in general, one should show the similarity between certain substances used in hospitals and sold on the street as narcotics. This section may shed some light on the harmful or helpful effects of genetically similar species of plant or animal.

    Touch on the social and cultural elements of narcotics.

    The answers to questions like why certain drugs are being used as an integral aspect of the culture of a people instead of others may give reason for a nation’s governments to allow the use. Expand on the reasons countries give for providing such laws and showcase your findings to further strengthen your argument.

    Bring arguments raised on the legality of these substances.

    Some people have grand issues with the views of their government on narcotics for example marijuana. Others have stated that they have evidence that certain upstanding or even honorary people of the world use this and other drugs. Information posted by certain companies and scientists on the subject can be found through books and the internet to provide additional material for your paper.

    Expand on the health risks these substances may have on humans.

    We all have heard the adverse effects these substances can have on the human body. Use these views to push your point as it is an ongoing issue.

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