A List Of 20 Unique Essay Topics About Everything For College

One of the reasons why some students see essay writing as a difficult task is because in order for you to craft a high quality paper, you need to pay great attention to all the details of the paper. However, in order to make this exercise a fun-filled one without seeing it as a difficult task, you should take a very important step that would ensure a smooth ride with writing your academic paper – choosing an interesting topic. If you are not the creative type, it would not be easy for you to choose a good topic for your paper but that shouldn’t bother you because as far as the internet is concerned, you can always get interesting topics for any type of essay you are preparing to write. Here are some interesting topics:

  • Zoos versus natural environments – Can they ever be the same

  • What is your best subject and for what reasons?

  • Should there be a slash on how much athletes and actors/actresses are paid?

  • Should there be a strict dress code for college teachers?

  • The development of nuclear weapons – Would they lead to global peace?

  • Should there be a law that keeps boys and girls in separate classes in college?

  • The death penalty – How far should it be taken?

  • Dating and relationships – What is the right age to start?

  • The use of animals in carrying out scientific studies – Should it be abolished or not?

  • What would a world without rules look like? Use your imagination

  • At what class should students be allowed to make use of cell phones?

  • Notebook computers versus textbooks – What should it be?

  • Should more developed countries be compelled to assist the under-developed nations?

  • Societal status – What role does fashion play?

  • What makes a good movie or play?

  • Should there be a system through which students can effectively grade their teachers’ performances?

  • Should there be a particular job category reserved solely for women?

  • Who would you share your most memorable moments with and why?

  • Is it a good idea to assign certain household chores to children at home?

  • Should deforestation be encouraged? What are your reasons for a no or yes answer?

These are interesting topics that can make a great essay for students in colleges. Just as said earlier, in order to have fun writing your paper, only choose a topic you find interesting.

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