How To Choose Good History Persuasive Essay Topics For Grade 8 Students

Eight graders usually get a lot of writing assignments. Writing a persuasive essay is one of the most difficult tasks that students might face. Students often have difficulties during the selection of a good topic. History is a rather speculative subject. It involves a lot of work, as many facts should be taken into consideration while selecting a topic for a history persuasive essay. The following points should be taken into account during the selection of the theme, as they will help you get positive grades and stimulate a further discussion of your work.

  • Write down the list of possible variants.
  • Brainstorming can frequently generate marvelous ideas. All you have to do is to think while you are sitting with a pen and a sheet of paper. Write down all the ideas that come into your head and then look through the list to find the most suitable topic. Think about important historical events, people, controversial facts, etc.

  • Don’t use the topics that are used again and again.
  • What’s the point in discussing something that has already been talked about for many times? Think creatively! Select the topic that is unusual or that hasn’t been discussed before. You may also try to choose a well-known topic and show other aspects that haven’t been stated before.

  • Think about the topic that would be interesting to your classmates.
  • You know what facts can encourage your classmates to participate in the discussion. Moreover, if you select the topic that is attractive for the whole class the students will listen more attentively. Nobody is interested in a boring topic.

  • Avoid topics that can cause conflicts during discussion.
  • Your essay shouldn’t cause any conflicts. Try to avoid religious, political or ethnic questions that can cause collisions between separate members of the class. Pick neutral topics that won’t harm other students’ feelings.

  • Watch documentary movies.
  • There is a wide selection of spectacular historical movies that can offer you excellent food for thought. Realistic historical reconstructions will definitely inspire you to write something original and unusual. In addition, you can use the video during the essay presentation as visual aids.

  • Choose a specific topic.
  • Don’t select general topics as they are a part of a standard school program. Look for specific topics or some peculiar facts that are rarely or never mentioned at school. Such approach will show that you are interested in the work you’ve been writing. It means that you will have to conduct research to find a good idea for writing.

  • Use the Internet
  • Browse various sites on history to find nonstandard ideas. Read samples of quality history papers to create a good topic.

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