Composing A Brilliant Essay About School Years

Teachers sometimes ask high school students to write essays about their school years. This isn’t a type of paper where you should raise some arguments and defend them. You just need to describe your school life and indicate what impact it made on the development of your personality. Read this article to learn some useful tips that will help you complete this task successfully.

  1. Write the introduction.
  2. The opening paragraph of your paper should start with a sentence that indicates the significance of studying for every person. At school, children face their first serious challenges and learn discipline. However, you should mention that usually school years are the happiest and the most carefree days in the lives of people. Finish your introduction by stating how it’d be pleasant to go back to your early school days at least for a short time.

  3. Write the body.
  4. Start writing the body paragraphs of your essay with the description of your school. Write about the classes that you attended, subjects and teachers you liked, and assignments that you earned high scores for. You should mention additional activities that your school provided you and your classmates with. Write about how you celebrated various holidays in your school. If you took part in educational or sports contests held by your school, you should write about them too. State that without going to school, you wouldn’t probably have met most of your good friends.

  5. Write the conclusion.
  6. Concluding your essay, you should summarize the main things mentioned before and indicate that your school life was a great time when you learned how to prepare for an adult life, but at the same time had a lot of fun. Tell that you’re happy to have these memories that make you smile every time you think about your early school years.

  7. Revise your draft.
  8. When your first draft is completed, you should take a break for half an hour or so. Then, you should return to your text with a fresh mind. First, check your essay for grammar and spelling mistakes. Secondly, you should rewrite phrases or sentences that lack descriptiveness or don’t convey your thoughts properly. Make sure that you have good topic sentences and transitions that will help your readers perceive your text better.

  9. Let other people read your draft.
  10. The final step is to give your paper to your parents, for example. They will look through it and indicate the mistakes or weak spots that you could have missed.

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