List Of 25 Persuasive Essay Topics To Trigger Your Creativity

A persuasive essay is a perfect tool to express your true feelings about a particular subject. It’s main purpose is to convince the reader to uphold your viewpoint. To sway people you should use strong arguments, but a clear and catchy topic is a real key to success.

Helpful Suggestions for Choosing an Ideal Persuasive Essay Topic

First of all, an issue you take up must be controversial. It means there are weighty arguments both for and against it, so that you’ve got something to defend. Writing about the fact that taking drugs is harmful won’t do. Moreover, while it’s obvious you should select a question you’re passionate about, don’t forget about your audience. Choose a problem everyone cares about. Finally, discuss something which hasn’t been talked over a thousand times. Think of something new, which will whip up a reader’s emotions. Below you’ll find some inspiring examples to get started.

Interesting Ideas to Discuss in a Persuasive Essay

  1. The Trolley problem and terrorism: can few people be killed to save the lives of many?

  2. Authoritarian leader: are there any pros in a strong central power?

  3. Superior orders: can a soldier be blamed for carrying out orders?

  4. Friends in social networks: will they substitute real communication?

  5. Paper books: do we still need them in the electronic?

  6. Video games: can children benefit from them?

  7. Genetically modified foods: will they eliminate famine or pose new threats?

  8. Atoms for peace: is nuclear energy a good alternative?

  9. Vegan diet: is it worth trying with children?

  10. Hedonism: should one live for enjoyment?

  11. Nursing homes: are they doing more good or bad to elderly patients?

  12. Ads: can advertisements prompt viewers do dangerous things?

  13. Higher education: should it be free for everyone?

  14. Schools: is home education more effective?

  15. Espionage: is it an expression of patriotism or a crime?

  16. Child’s labor: should children work from the early childhood?

  17. Rich and poor: will giving money to the poor help them?

  18. Human rights: does the exercise of one’s rights limit the rights of another?

  19. Literature: does everyone need to study classical literature?

  20. Censorship: should there be any control in the Web?

  21. Intellectual property: should copyright laws be cancelled?

  22. Becoming a president: can young people be good presidents?

  23. Online dating: is it a way out for shy people?

  24. Surveillance cameras: do they ruin privacy?

  25. Marriage: should women change their role in a modern society?
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