A List Of Interesting Essay Topics About Environmental Protection

There has never been a time in history when the environment has been discussed publicly in so many forums. It is a subject of global interest and importance. The issue of global warming alone has attracted people from all over the world to conferences. There is much debate and discussion by delegates who try and come up with a joint plan to tackle issues concerning the protection of the environment.

The importance of clean water and the preservation as opposed to the degradation of our agricultural land and rainforests has never been so important. With the world’s population increasing and at a rapid rate, the impact of humans on the environment has never been so critical. And finding an interesting essay topic concerning the protection of the environment has never had so wide and so varied a range.

To make sure you write in an interesting way, choosing a topic which is close to your heart is a sensible idea. Remember that the theme is to do with protecting the environment. Take your time in perusing the topics. If you can find one which involves the environment in your local area, so much the better. You can have a hands-on approach to the subject.

Here is a list of topics you might consider to find the ideal subject for your research paper. Don’t forget to consider brainstorming one or more of these topics to see if you can find something you really want to write about.

  1. Is global warming a reality?

  2. What is meant by carbon credits and do they help in protecting the environment

  3. What steps are being taken to provide clean water in all countries? How can the environment help in this lifesaving matter?

  4. Is the disposal of waste materials a danger to the environment and if so, how can we protect the environment?

  5. Does the use of green energy protect the environment and if so, how?

  6. Does recycling have benefits for the protection of the environment?

  7. Can we help protect the environment by becoming more energy efficient?

  8. How important are greenbelts in the life of a city and what happens to the environment if we build on these areas?

  9. Why are some major cities suffering from pollution and what can be done about it?

  10. Describe the clash between development and conservation when it comes to protecting the environment.
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