Tips that will help you distinguish a well-written custom essay

There is no end to essay writing services claiming to provide top quality custom essays. When I go to a writing agency or freelance writer for them to write my essay, I always want to make sure that I am getting the best deal without any scams. Following certain tips will help prevent being cheated by writing agencies and you can be confident that you are submitting a good custom essay.

Check for original content

It is up to you to see that the customized essay you receive is free of plagiarism. The academic community is very serious about submitting authentic content and this should be part of the policies of the writing agency you choose to hire. Freelance writers should also be certain of delivering 100% unique content on your assigned topic.

Be warned that some writing agencies resell their essays to other websites or openly provide them in the free samples section online. Reading their policies is a good way to avoid this nasty surprise.

Adherence to style guide

Usually, graduate level essays demand that your writing follows a particular style guide such as MLA, APA or The Chicago Manual of Style. It is up to you to double check that your writer followed the required style without any errors. Follow up with the essay writing service or freelance writer should there be any departures from the formatting and citation specified.

Checking references

Writing correct references is an important part of essays at the graduate level. If your custom essay is well-written, there will be references in-text as well as on a references page at the end. If you do not give credit to the appropriate authors, it will be counted as plagiarism.

Grammatical errors and typos

Your custom essay needs to make a positive impression on your teacher or professor. Grammatical errors can be extremely distracting and takes away from the natural flow of an essay argument. A good essay writer will have used appropriate punctuation like semi-colons, periods and commas correctly. Sentence structure and formatting should be precise and technically sound as well.

Typos are fairly common among most essay writers – whether it is due to writing in a hurry or carelessness. Your custom essay should ideally contain no typos. If there are, make sure to send it back for your assigned writer to fix as soon as possible.

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