A List Of Impressive Persuasive Essay Topics On Animals

Every person who ever had a pet knows how loving animals can be. If you are an animal lover, writing a persuasive essay on this topic will be a piece of cake. You need to convince others to believe in the same ideas as you, and this is easy when it comes to this subject. Use smart arguments and evidence, because your own opinion will not be enough to convince anyone. If you are searching for an impressive topic, take a look at this list:

  • Cat therapy. It might sound funny, but in some countries they use animals as part of therapy, especially for children and old patients. This shows how important it is to have a pet and how beneficial it can be for children with problems.

  • Animal abuse. Does this happen very often in your country? What is the public opinion about this? Explain how important it is to educate young children on how to take care of the animals and how to prevent others from hurting them.

  • Testing beauty products on animals. Most of the companies test their products on animals in laboratories. In the last years more and more organizations made efforts to change this. Now, the laws are more strict regarding this matter.

  • Teaching children how to be responsible. There are many studies that show that children who grow up with pets learn how to be responsible and they develop empathy more early. They are also more friendly and they can integrate in any group without difficulties.

  • Keeping wild animals in the house. Even if it’s illegal in many regions, people still do it. They bring wild animals from outside the country and they try to domesticate them and keep them as pets. Most of the time this ends up in bad way because the natural instincts of the pet are too strong to be controlled.

  • Disease control. Animals can spread diseases very easily if the owners do not take care of them properly. What measures should we take to be sure that we are healthy and we avoid any problems?

  • The necessity of animal police. In many countries, this does not exist even if there are many cases of abuse against pets. Explain why the government should fund this and how it could be beneficial for the entire community.
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