24 Personal Argumentative Essay Topics You Can Handle

During the process of creating an argumentative essay topic you have to figure out what you are interested in and the rest will fall into place. For those of you that have never understood the secret behind selecting the kind of topic that you might be interested in then check out this list for your consideration:

  1. What are the top types of foods that you should never eat?

  2. How can one person make the different between winning and losing a basketball match?

  3. What are the top 3 best foods that should be eaten every week?

  4. What are the top myths related to dieting?

  5. What are the top myths related to increasing your muscle size?

  6. What are the top myths related to getting a passing grade in any exam you take?

  7. Do you think that the last American president has done enough for the world as a whole?

  8. What are the biggest problems in the world today?

  9. How can starvation in the world be a thing of the past?

  10. What are the types of foods that should never be given to a dog?

  11. Do you feel that students are pouring enough effort into their work?

  12. What can be done to increase motivation level during a workout?

  13. Do you think that you have done enough work while you were in high school?

  14. How can you increase the levels of productivity in your work during early mornings?

  15. What is the secret to success for most businesses?

  16. What do you feel are the biggest roadblocks for success for most individuals?

  17. How can we stick to a chosen diet better?

  18. What are the top technological advances of the last few months?

  19. How can we all increase the level of success our family members achieve?

  20. Who should be the next American president?

  21. What are the top problems with people using drones?

  22. How can a drone be used in a safe way?

  23. Do you feel that enough is being done for the poor by developed countries?

  24. How can society do more to help those that are no getting as much money as those at the top of the ladder?
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