What Is The Key To An Effective Essay: A Quick Guide

An essay can be many different things. It can be informative. It can be used to incite debate. It can be used to pose questions. Due to the fact that essays are of many different types, there are many different ways to go about writing an effective one. However, there are certain central themes that are important for any type of writing to be engaging and effective. If you are looking to find ways to improve your essay writing skills, you are in luck, because below, we list the keys to great writing:

  1. The Topic
  2. As always, the single most important thing in writing is choosing what to write about. Your topic should be interesting. After all, why would someone waste their time reading something they do not care about? That is why this is the step you should spend considerable time on. Make your choice carefully. Remember, if you like a topic, you are more likely to write about it in an interesting way. Making lists when making choices always helps. Think of a variety of topics you could write about. Make simple notes about the most interesting ones. Narrow the list down until you come up with a shortlist of the most interesting topics. Finally, choose the one you think you are able to write most fluently about and which you think is most interesting.

  3. Be Structured in your Approach
  4. When writing an essay, make sure you follow a structure that is coherent and organized. After all, the aim is to enable your audience to understand what you are writing and if required, come around to an agreement with your point of view on the topic. The usual structure of introduction, body and conclusion works well so it is best to stick to it. Shape your essay like a funnel. Start with a broad background about the topic and progressively narrow it down to a conclusion based on your arguments. Take your audience with you on a journey of understanding about the topic.

  5. Use simple language
  6. There is a time and place for flowery prose. Your essay is not that place. Poems and literary works of art are where convoluted and multilayered writing can be successful. Your aim in an essay is to immediately engage your audience and help them understand something. Simple and easy language with correct grammar works best for such an assignment.

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