The Top 12 Most Interesting Cause And Effect Essay Topics

If you are looking for the top 12 most interesting cause-and-effect essay topics consider the following:

  1. You can research the causes of sociopathy and pay particular attention to different impacts play by environment as well as the role of the parent.

  2. Conversely you can also review the effects that they sociopathic child has on society.

  3. You can craft a paper which focuses on the various causes of electrocution paying particular emphasis on things such as job-related hazards where electrocution is possible

  4. You can review the causes of peer pressure or you can focus on the effects that pure pressure has on children who would otherwise not make the decisions that they make when feeling pressured.

  5. You can craft a paper which writes about the effects that viewing a fast paced and violent film has on children especially when the film has been rated PG-13 and parents bring young children under the age of five.

  6. You can review what causes a person to move to foreign country or to visit a foreign country. These can include things such as a job, and interest in the language of the culture, family in that area, or anything else.

  7. You can focus on the effects that receiving good reviews can have on a restaurant or highlight what aspects of a restaurant will cause it to received good reviews

  8. You can craft a paper which focuses on the effects that good and healthy food has on the body.

  9. You can review the causes of child abuse paying attention to the propensity for abusing children if an adult was abuse as well as other factors influencing a parent's decision to use physical violence against their child.

  10. You can review the beneficial effects associated with attending to a garden. Many people have taken up gardening on a small scale and are interested in the benefits that it brings to the body and the mind.

  11. You can review what causes obesity in children and pay particular attention to high sugar intake and the manner in which sugar is converted in the body by the liver and kidneys. You can pay attention to the environmental factors which influence childhood obesity including bad food consumption or lack of exercise as well as, perhaps most importantly, bad education.

  12. You can craft a paper which reviews the causes of getting fired and particularly focused on what things can cause a young person to get fired

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