Creating An Essay Title Page: Vital Things To Remember

For many students, essays are just annoying assignments that they have to finish. However, these compositions are very important for your future education. When you work on them you learn how to play with words, how to arrange ideas and how to use your imagination. Also, there are all those additional elements that you need to create, like the title page. To make sure that you create a good title page, remember these vital things:

  • You are a student in high school, not in kinder garden. Some students think that if they use a colored page they will make their project stand out. The truth is that your professor will notice you very fast, but not for a good reason. You have to keep everything as classic and clean as possible, because this is an academic paper and you have to treat it like such. Don’t use colored markers, don’t draw anything on the corner of the paper and don’t use a colored font for the title.

  • Make sure that your font is suitable. The same as the page, the font needs to be simple, not colored and not cool. It is always a good idea to go for the classic letters and make sure that the size is good. If the font is too small, it will be exhausting for anyone to read your title page. If the font is too big, it can seem aggressive and the readers will have an unpleasant feeling. The only time you are allowed to increase the font a little bit is when you write the main title in the middle of the page, that’s all.

  • Write your name in the corner of the paper, as well as the name of the course. Sometimes it’s also good to write the name of your professor, as an acknowledgement of his help and support. However, this is not required so you will not get a bad grade if you don’t do it.

  • Write the date when you submit the project and the name of your school. The date will be in the left corner of the page, and the name of your school will be in the middle of the page, in the lowest side. In this way the attention comes on the title, but people still can notice the other details if they want to.

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