A List Of Winning Problem Solution Essay Topics For High School

There are some essays that you will have to learn to write when you get into high school or before. One of these is the problem solution essay. This paper requires you to find an issue and get an alternative way of sorting it out. There are a lot of challenges that are currently prevalent in the world that we live in, and because of this reason it is important for you to learn how to solve them. You might not have answers to all the challenges that we are facing in the world, but you will need to put in some effort in an attempt to handle this particular task.

Choosing a winning topic for your problem solution essay is one of the most challenging things that students have to go through. The reason for this is because in most cases high school kids are not aware of how to structure a good topic. To help you get a good idea, we will list herein some simple topics that you can use the next time you are asked to write a problem solution essay in school.

  • A friend of yours has come to you with an issue. They have been in a relationship that is abusive and is not heading anywhere. Being the cool and collected person that you are, you decide to advise them on how to find a solution for this matter. Discuss how you would go about this problem

  • Discuss the easiest way of assisting an individual that is suffering from depression

  • Bullying on social media and all over the internet is something that is more of a phenomenon in the world today. Discuss how this can be put to an end in your opinion

  • There are so many people who feel the need to dominate over others in their lives. Explain how you can handle such a person in your life without disastrous results

  • You are living with someone who is constantly making bad choices in their life. discuss how you can help them get their lives back in order

  • Texting has made it more challenging for young people to communicate with one another and especially to communicate with those who are not in their circle. Explain how you can encourage your peers to start engaging in more formal and realistic interactions with those around them
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