A List Of Unexplored Ideas For A Critical Analysis Essay

In a critical analysis essay, the author should pick some idea, study it, analyze it, and give their conclusion. Usually, such papers are associated with literary research, but if there are no limitations to your assignment, you may select almost any topic that you like. If you want to choose a decent topic or gain some inspiration, you may look at the list below.

  • Differences in the communication of women and men.
  • It’s known that men and women communicate rather differently with their friends, relatives, and other people. Study this topic and raise your own arguments.

  • The problem of homelessness.
  • This idea is good to write about in your critical analysis essay. You may investigate what causes many people to lose their homes, how they live, and what can be done about this.

  • Sports and TV.
  • More and more people watch sports on TV rather than buy tickets on actual games. Investigate how television influenced the development of sports and behavior of athletes.

  • Gender roles in the modern world.
  • Due to the feminist movement, the roles of men and women have been changing through the years. Research the current situation related to this matter.

  • Families with a single parent.
  • Not all families have both parents for various reasons. Investigate in your critical analysis essay how this affects children and people around such families.

  • A very bad movie.
  • One of the good ideas for your paper is to pick the worst movie you’ve ever watched and analyze it to prove why it’s so awful.

  • A movie and a book.
  • You may do a comparison analysis of a book and a movie that was created on the basis of this book, and present your conclusion on what is better.

  • Sports and drug use.
  • Investigate in your work why athletes use drugs and how this changes the face of sports in general. Do you need to use steroids to become a famous athlete?

  • Body size.
  • Scientists and fashion experts have different opinions on how a woman’s body should look like. Analyze this situation and present your own results.

  • Ethnic influences in music.
  • Many musicians use ethnic tunes in their compositions. Investigate what effect this has on fans and the development of music industry.

  • An author of a book.
  • Read some book and analyze it by investigating the life of a person who wrote this book. What real events or people inspired him or her to create this piece of literature?

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