Excellent Argumentative Essay Topics on Statistics

Writing an argumentative essay is a simple concept. The basis of a good paper depends on the writer stating their opinion in a strong tone. This requires that you research the topic through enough that you form an opinion based on facts and accurate knowledge. You want to be familiar with the pros and cons so that you are able to persuade your audience to see your point of view. Some topic ideas to think about can include the following points.


  • Does it make us more alone

  • Does it distract us

  • Do apps really make life any easier

  • Are we spending too much time texting

  • Does texting take away or add to in-person socialization

  • Are digital photographs and videos excessive

Television and Movies

  • Do Reality shows make an impact on how we live?

  • Do commercials impact our shopping and budget choices

  • Does Television still reflect traditional stereotyping

  • Do Film Stars affect our self-esteem

  • Will video streaming kill the traditional television sitcom

  • How to does society affect the types of shows that are promoted


  • Should graffiti be considered art or a crime

  • Will digital art overtake traditional art

  • How will online galleries affect traditional galleries

While these are just a few topics that barely scratch the surface of what you could do, they do pose an interesting choice for a paper. Any of these topics are likely to gather an audience and get your mind moving. It does not matter what topic you ultimately choose, as long as you find one that you are really passionate about. The more passion and desire that you have about your choice the more it will show in our work.

Your goal is to persuade your reader with facts. You do not want to assume a point of view and then find out as you are writing that your point of view has changed. This is why accurate research from valuable sources is so important. With the accurate information you can inform an opinion that will make you want to tell people about what you learned. Your paper will come together in a much easier fashion.

It really goes beyond just writing a paper. An argumentative essay is about letting your voice be known. You can take the time and make it fun. Enjoy it.

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