Useful Suggestions For Effective Descriptive Essay Writing

Essays of the descriptive type are one of the easier varieties of writing. All the writer needs to do is elaborate and, as the name suggests, describe the situation or topic being conveyed through it with the help of proper sentences and words, which make the writing an interesting piece to read. All that is needed for successfully writing an effective descriptive essay is a good idea about the issue at hand and a proper sense of grammar.

The first and the most important step in descriptive writing is connection with the topic. When the writer reads the topic provided, he immediately gets a sensation about the topic. This may be an idea, a personal experience from the past, an image, a smell- anything the writer interprets is his connection to the essay. Once this connection has been established, the only job the writer has left is to properly shape his thoughts and ideas to give rise to an effective descriptive essay.

The next step is to be aware of the format. An essay should always follow a particular format or order of writing to make it strong and effective in its impact. The order to be followed is:

  • Introduction: This short paragraph basically introduces the topic to the reader. Hence, it is important that the introduction be interesting and attractive to effectively capture the reader’s attention for the long term.

  • Body: The body of the essay may span up to 3 to 4 paragraphs, depending on the length of the piece of writing.

  • Conclusion: This is a short summation of all the points mentioned in the writing; in short, anything the writer feels about the topic or personal thoughts.

A writer should be prepared to cater to all kinds of readers, including the finicky ones. In order to attract the reader’s attention for the entirety of the essay, the writer needs to make it as interesting as possible. In other words, the personal touch should always be present, throughout the length of the writing. This makes sure that the reader can also connect to the writing, through his or her own personal experiences.

Descriptive writing is actually, not at all daunting. Any topic can be made a lot easier if the writer opens up all the channels of his mind and lets the creativity flow. The author’s personal interpretation is the underlying basis of all good pieces of writing.

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