Crafting An Interesting Explanatory Synthesis Essay Step By Step

Students are confused on how to craft an interesting explanatory synthesis essay. All essays are supposed to have an introduction, body and a conclusion. Even though all essays have similar formats, there are some differences when it when it comes to writing an explanatory synthesis essay. A synthesis essay is the type of essays that students will be required to write most.


There are two types of synthesis essays. These are:

  • Argumentative

  • Explanatory

This article will look at the explanatory synthesis essay.

Explanatory essay definition

An explanatory synthesis essay has a difference from the argumentative essay in one way. While the argumentative synthesis essay requires justifications and arguments concerning a certain subject, the goal of the explanatory essay is to elaborate on a particular subject, just like the name suggests.


When writing an explanatory essay, you are not supposed to give your personal opinions or arguments. You are supposed to write the relevant information on a particular topic in a way that is comprehensive and objective. You should bear in mind that the goal of the explanatory essay is to help the reader of the paper get a comprehensive understanding of a particular subject. It is important for you to be careful not be biased and only to state the facts that are valid.

Important components

There are several key components of an explanatory essay. These include:


The aim of the introduction is to present the topic in a clear way that the reader can understand. This informs the reader of what he or she is going to learn in the rest of the paper. You should not wait for the reader to guess what to expect in the paper. Instead, you need to be very precise and clear on the essay’s subject.

Body paragraph

In the paragraph of the body, you will need to have a valid and relevant date which should have been collected from a source that is reliable. For instance, when writing about the effects of smoking, you should avoid writing sentences such as “it is my view that smoking is bad to your health”. Already your reader understands that. Instead, use statistics to show your facts on how smoking can affect the health of a person.


Do not leave your explanatory essay hanging. Instead you will need a conclusion that gives an overview of the entire paper. Use the conclusion to restate your points.

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